Are you Enjoying your children or just Enduring them?

Tools That Last a Lifetime!

Children who learn to use the tools and techniques of DWD become skilled in positive human relations early on. This unique communication system is grounded in :

  • positive management principles,
  • a culture of gratitude &
  • genuine mutual respect.

    Once learned, these tools benefit children for the rest of their lives.Learn more..


Think First...

(A Rare Innovation)

Help a child change his thinking and his behavior will change naturally.

When you really think about it, adults are usually more concerned with changing a child’s behavior than with the thinking behind that behavior. Our program teaches adults how to effectively help a child expand his thinking beyond himself so that his future choices include consideration of others. This changes everything!

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Who Needs DWD?

  • DWD will help...


    Preparing children to lead tomorrow’s world is a daunting task that requires great skill. In fact, it is the most important task we ever undertake. Whether we do it well or poorly, everything we do with and say to children is magnified

  • Parents & Family



    ...birth parents, foster parents, step-parents, nannies...

    Supporting Family

    ...grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters...

  • Educators

    image Educators

    ...classroom teachers, classroom assistants, childcare & preschool professionals, administrators...

  • Babysitters

    image Babysitters

    ...teenagers, childcare workers in health clubs & workout facilities, after-school program staff...

  • Support Professionals

    image Support Professionals

    ...pediatricians, psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, nurses, pediatric techs, medical administrators, clergy...

  • Church Workers

    image Church Workers

    ...Sunday School teachers & helpers, children's club workers, VBS staff, children's church staff, parents-day-out workers, Royal Rangers & Missionettes staff, Awana staff, children's ministry directors/pastors...

  • Kids Club Leaders

    image Child Care Providers

    ...Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Sisters/Big Brothers Clubs, 4-H Clubs, recreational leaders, youth athletic leaders...

Introducing Direction With Dignity


DWD is a kind of ‘GPSfor raising happy, emotionally balanced children.

Our GPS means Great Parenting StrategiesIt helps adults respectfully guide them toward attitudes and behaviors that truly make the world a better place. We to do this with a set of ‘tools’ that are based in ‘best practices’ and advanced brain science.

And, while the tools are simple, they produce profound results...
...the kind you have always wanted for your children.

Introducing DWD




As you can see, this website is designed to help you take action in ways that will make you more effective as a parent, teacher, psychological professional or volunteer children’s worker.

Any of our products and services can be your starting place. The most important thing is to get started.

If you need help, give us a quick toll-free call at 1-888-228-4465, and we’ll help you find your starting place.


More Info


To train adults in the use of positive guidance tools that encourage the inner growth of children.

Learning to communicate with and motivate children to make decisions with their heads and hearts.


The Heart represents the inner child, which is our primary focus.

DWD Logo - Heart with Arrow

The Arrow shows the outward flow of a balanced child’s energy & awareness.


"... from the inside out" defines the foundation of true character development.

OUTSIDE-IN is how almost all adults teach children until they learn the skills of DWD.


  • To help children balance the ‘all about me’ syndrome of childhood.
  • To raise children to be authentic at their core instead of superficial.
  • To guide children to use respect as their basis of interaction with others.